NEW! This young new firecracker is showing elite level yields and excellent resistance to disease.

Awned variety • Areas 1, 2, 3 • Suggested seeding rate 125 lbs/acre (1.6 million seeds/acre)


Winter wheat plot results from our Alvinston site

Click to download the PDF file.

  • Excellent Yields in All Areas.
  • Yield: Excellent.
  • Maturity: Mid-early.
  • Height: Medium.
  • Lodging: Excellent.
  • Disease Resistance: Great Fusarium Tolerance and leaf disease tolerance.  Carries the FHB1 trait for fusarium protection.
  • Unique Feature: Blaze is a brand new variety that will get the neighbours talking!  It has a beautiful wide flag leaf that stays clean through the season allowing it to top up with sunlight at the right times to add yield.  Blaze also features small seeds making it an affordable option to grow, or plant higher seeding rates.

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