2020 Corn Marketing Update

Varietal concerns impacting access to EU markets



Over the past few weeks, there has been industry discussion regarding the production this year in Ontario of corn varieties that are not approved for use in the European Union (EU). The EU currently represents an important export market for Ontario corn. With current uncertainty over the state of the North American ethanol industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the EU demand for Ontario corn could become even more significant going forward.

The Ontario Agri Business Association (OABA) and the Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO) have developed a joint statement regarding corn varieties that have not yet received approval for use in the European Union. That statement and accompanying list of non-compliant varieties can be found in the attached release.

Wanstead Farmers Co-operative wants to make all of our customers aware that we can not accept delivery of any corn varieties into our facilities, if they are not approved for use in the EU. This should be a consideration for producers, particularly from the perspective that we will not be able to dry such corn at harvest at our elevators.

There will be opportunities for Wanstead Farmers Co-operative to market corn produced from the varieties listed in the OABA/GFO release. However, that will have to occur utilizing direct off farm movement to domestic end use customers that can process these varieties. This situation is evolving and could change dramatically prior to harvest. We will continue to update our membership as new information becomes available. Please contact your local Wanstead facility if you have any questions or concerns over the marketing of your 2020 corn crop.

Wanstead Farmers Co-operative supports the innovation and introduction of new genetics being brought forward by the seed industry, but we cannot afford to jeopardize our ability to market grain delivered to us by having it co-mingled with unapproved varieties. This spring, none of the corn seed varieties sold by your Co-op contain genetic profiles that are not approved in the EU.


Download and read the joint OABA and GFO statement.



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