At Wanstead Farmers Co-operative, we’re experts in the field. Our crop specialists are driven to maximize every acre and bring the latest agronomic technologies and innovations to your farm. Whether recommending the appropriate hybrid or variety, nutrient management for optimum growth, or advice on disease and pest management, our crop specialists are always focused on pointing your operations forward. What’s more, Wanstead Farmers is partnering with leading technology providers to anticipate demands down the road, ensuring our customers are ready for what’s next.

Wanstead Farmers Co-operative 

Advanced Information Services - AIS

The Whole Farm Plan is our focus on core competencies in delivering expertise in seed, plant food, plant protection, grain marketing and finance.

Leading with Seed – We believe in delivering outstanding recommendations on field specific hybrid or variety selections. Matching genetics and trait packages to optimize production and protecting the investment is our goal.

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Leading with Plant Food – Adopting the 4 R Stewardship principles of the "Right Product, Right Rate, Right Time and Right Place" combined with your sustainability goals forms the crop production strategy. Soil sampling is the key to unlocking yield potential on every acre. 

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Leading with Plant Protection- The main concern with all plant protection areas including weeds, insects and diseases is to manage for the single biggest threat facing production agriculture today and that is managing for development of resistance to current control measures.

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Grain Marketing with Wanstead Farmers Co-operative – Farm income is driven by two fundamental aspects how much you grow and how well you market the crop. The more you grow the more you have to sell at any price. The trick is to sell well and that is where marketing plans and strategies from Wanstead Farmers Co-operative can influence your farm income.

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 FS Agri-Finance – Can help you meet your business goals.

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