Agronomic Calculators  08/29/06 9:37:10 AM

Agronomic Calculators

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Estimated Corn Yield:  Have you ever wondered just how much corn you will have to deliver this fall? The crop in the field looks good but how good is it? This yield calculator can help you decide if you should take advantage of forward contracting opportunities.

Growing Degree Days: How is the crop in the field progressing? Is the longer-maturing corn getting the heat units it will need to mature? This calculator can help you estimate the projected maturity date of your crop.

Projected Maximum Yield: Many seasons you are forced to make a decision on whether to replant a field. This calculator can help take the guesswork out of this decision.

Plant Population: With proper adjustment, today's planters are designed to give you proper seed placement and population. Just how good a job is it doing? This calculator helps you determine the final population in a field.

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