Pro 81

NEW! For 2019 - High yielding - Improved protein potential!

Awned variety • Areas 1, 2, 3, 4 • Suggested seeding rate 150 lbs/acre (1.6 million seeds/acre)


Winter wheat plot results from our Alvinston site

Click to download the PDF file.

  • Growing Area: Suited to All winter wheat growing areas.
  • Yield: Great Yields on all soil types – Pro 81 has been a “priesley” type yield in registration information.
  • Maturity: Mid Maturity.
  • Height: Med-Tall.
  • Lodging: Good.
  • Disease Resistance: Excellent leaf disease tolerance.
  • Unique Feature: This variety offers growers improved yield potential over Gallus and Princeton with excellent protein potential.  Hard Red is becoming better yielding and better protein, adding dollars to your pocket!

For more information contact your local Wanstead Crop Sales Specialist.